Hey there! I am Danielle. I am a registered and licensed dietitian living in the DFW area in Texas.

I created this website as a place to share information that might be helpful to others. I’ve had several friends and family members ask me questions over the years and sometimes I get the same questions from multiple people. So I decided to create a place where anyone could access this information.

My other desire in creating this website is to spread joy to others through various ways. Maybe you find some tips to help improve your health/nutrition. Maybe you find a funny story that just brightens your day. Maybe you find some fun tips from a mom of a toddler. Regardless, I hope that the information you find on my website and social media pages helps to brighten your day or life in some way.

Currently, I am not taking on any clients or working with people for nutrition counseling. I do not have my own nutrition counseling business at this time. I am mostly focusing my time on my husband, son and my home. However, since I still have a desire to help others , I am working on this website and creating new content whenever I have the extra time to do so.

I chose the name for my website “Danielle’s Cup of Joy” because as I stated above, I want to help make others lives’ more joyous. I also am a big fan of coffee and tea and so I wanted to do a fun play off of that.

Please read through the terms of use, disclaimer and privacy policy before using this website.