New Year’s Resolutions

I don’t normally make new year’s resolutions. I am a huge believer that we should all constantly be trying to better ourselves. We all have things we can improve upon. One of my absolute favorite quotes regarding this idea actually comes from the popular tv series Doctor Who.

“We all change when you think about it. We’re all different people all through our lives. And that’s ok, that’s good, as long as you keep moving, as long as you remember all of the people you use to be”.

This quote hits home for so many reasons. For one, it encourages that changing who you are as a person is okay, normal and even good. But secondly, it also emphasizes that we shouldn’t forget who we use to be. In my opinion, that idea alone of remembering all the people we have been in our lives , helps to push us forward and also helps us to be more understanding of others as they grow and change. Everyone is on a different journey and you may be further along or perhaps not as far as others.

Personally, I look back at who I was in high school and sometimes cringe thinking about the decisions I made at times and beliefs I held about certain things. But I could even say the same thing about myself a year ago. I am constantly pushing myself to do better and be better. And I still have a very LONG way to go. I am no where near perfect and mess up A LOT. But I’m making progress.

I think that is one reason I’m typically not a fan of new year’s resolutions. I feel you should be pushing yourself forward and making positive changes on a daily basis and not just at the beginning of each year. And let’s face it, the majority of people don’t stick with their resolutions.

However, with all of that being said, I have decided I have a couple of resolutions that are appropriate to be started at the new year and considered “New year’s resolutions”. I am sharing those with you today. Hopefully, I will randomly post some progress updates on my instagram account (so follow me there if you haven’t yet).

So here they are, my three New Year’s resolutions:

1. Read through the whole bible start to finish.

If I’m being completely honest, this is something that I have never actually done but have always wanted to. I have attempted it a few different times and got discouraged along the way and eventually gave up. This time I have a friend who has volunteered to help be my accountability partner to help encourage me along the way (thanks Anna!).

2. Focus more on gratitude

In general, I do try to be thankful for all of the amazing blessings I have in my life but I wanted to try something more concrete. So I have found this neat book that gives you prompted letters. There are 52 letters, so that’s one a week. Each letter, you decide who you want to send it to based on the prompt and then write it and mail it to let someone know what they have done in your life and what you are thankful for because of it. Here is the link to it if you want to check it out. (I don’t make any money from sharing this link, I just like the product).

3. Get outside more (ideally, at least once a week weather permitting)

Being in nature and breathing in fresh air tends to have a great positive impact on my mental health. Usually when I am outside, it also involves me being physically active in some shape or form. From taking walks and swimming to chasing around a toddler at the park. I also want to make sure my son gets adequate play time outside. It seems like in today’s world, kids don’t spend much time outside and that’s something I want to encourage for my kids .

I am hoping these resolutions will help me to continue to become a better person and help me to focus on the right things this year. They are also geared towards helping with my mental health, which is an area that I am constantly trying to work on and improve.

If something happens along the way (like, you know, life) and I end up taking more than a year to complete some of these resolutions then that’s okay too. As long as I am working towards my goals and making progress. Something I also really need to work on is having grace with myself and not getting upset when I don’t meet my own expectations. For someone with anxiety, that is very challenging to do.

What are your new year’s resolutions or just general life goals you hope to accomplish soon? Comment below or share with me on social media!

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